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Hey, you! Yes, you – are you a local business or a marketing agency owner looking to understand Synup pricing? You're in the right place.
I'm about to serve you a no-nonsense dish with all the delectable details about Synup costs. Don't worry, I won't bore you with the same old song and dance. We're going to sit back, have a relaxed chat, and understand what Synup costs for your business.
Here's the juicy lineup:
Sneak Peek into Synup Free Trial: Including how to get started and cancel your trial.
Decoding the Price for More Reviews: We'll look at what it costs to get more reviews with Synup and we'll discuss how to get discounts.
Synup Whitelabel Cost: This one is for agencies that want to customize Synup to their needs.
Synup Cancellation Details: We'll chat about how you can gracefully cancel Synup, avoiding hidden charges.
To Synup or Not to Synup?: Drumroll, please. The ultimate question – is Synup truly worth it? No jargon, just a straightforward breakdown.
So, grab your favorite cup of brew (coffee's my jam), get comfy, and let's get started journey through the world of Synup pricing. Think of me as your guide, here to walk you through every twist and turn of the cost maze.
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Synup Pricing Summary

Synup website.
Synup Free Trial:
  • Test it for 14 days, but watch out for upfront card requirement.
  • Cancel before the trial ends or risk a surprise subscription charge.
Synup Reputation Management Costs:
  • Starting at $30/month per location, way pricier than competitors like ReviewGain ($5/location).
  • Annual contracts only, a hefty $360/year per location.
Synup Listings Costs:
  • $30/month/location covers 42 sites' updates.
  • Extra fee for creating listings on more sites (up to 150).
Synup Whitelabel Cost:
  • If you're managing less than 1000 locations, you still need to pay $30/location/month.
  • Your can customize the dashboard with your logo plus whitelabel reporting tool.
  • Score discounts if you manage 1000+ locations, details below.
Synup Cancellation Issues:
  • No automatic cancellation, you need to email their support.
  • It can take upto 30 days for the cancellation to actually happen.
  • Tips on dodging hidden charges below.
That's Synup pricing in a nutshell. But hey, if you have 5 minutes and want to understand the nitty-gritty of Synup costs, just scroll down to the next sections.

How to try Synup for free?

Synup free trial signup screen.
If you're thinking about giving Synup a shot? Here's everything you need to know:
Length of the Trial: You've got 14 days to test the waters.
Credit Card Required? YES! To dive into the trial, they ask for your card upfront. And you'll get charged if you forget to cancel. Brings me to the next point.
How to Cancel the Trial? Okay, so if you try it out and it's not your cup of cocoa, you can bail anytime. Just cancel before those 14 days are up, or else they might turn your trial into a full-on subscription. Sneaky, right?
Other Relevant Info: Remember, you'll also need your business email to sign up.
But hey, I've got to be real with you – that whole credit card thing feels a bit fishy. Like, why should they get your card info just for a test drive?

What does it cost to get more reviews with Synup?

Synup review management page.
Synup offers reputation management tools included in all their plans starting at $30/month/location.
Let's be honest, Synup is really expensive and the cost per location is much higher compared to competitors like ReviewGain ($5/location).

How much does Synup cost?

Synup listings page.
Synup's offers subscriptions starting at $30/month for each location. But they only offer yearly agreements, so this would be billed as $360/year for each location.
If you have a lot of locations, you might be able to get a discounts, more details in the Discounts section.

Does Synup offer monthly contracts?

No! Synup forces annual contracts.

Synup Pricing for Listings

When you subscribe to the $30/location/month plan, they offer instant updates on 42 sites. You need to pay extra to create your listings on other sites (upto 150).
Here's everything you get for this price:
  • Direct to Site Submission Services for 42 sites: This means you can directly submit your info to these sites using Synup.
  • For each listing you create - you can update, claim, and delete listings through Synup.
But keep in mind some of their sites are low value and you might need to pay extra to get yourself listed on better sites.

Synup Whitelabel Cost

Synup Partners page.
Synup’s White Label Tools are priced at $30 for each location per month.
For this price, here's what you get:
  • Your agency logo on Synup's whitelabel dashboard and citation scan tool.
  • Whitelabel report generation tool.
  • Whitelabel email marketing tool.
Not sure why they're offering email marketing though, it doesn't quite fit in to their Local SEO suite. Also $30/location is way too much and you need to pay atleast $360/year upfront (for 1 location).
If you're a small-medium agency and need an affordable whitelabel tool, you would be better off with ReviewGain. We have monthly plans starting at just $49/month + FREE whitelabel setup.

Does Synup offer bulk discounts?

Yes, Synup offers bulk discounts upto 33% if you're managing 1000+ locations. That is if you're a small-medium agency managing less than 1000 locations, you would get no discounts from Synup.

How to Cancel Synup?

If you're considering canceling your Synup subscription, the first step is to get in touch with their support team at There's no way to cancel without emailing them.
Keep in mind that if you decide to cancel before your contract term ends, there might be cancellation charges. It's a good idea to review your contract to understand the nitty-gritty of the terms and conditions.

What happens when you cancel Synup?

Synup post on how to cancel your account.
One of the things I like about Synup is that the listings you create with Synup will stick around even after the subscription ends.
Once you initiate the cancellation, Synup kicks off an internal process. It can take upto 30 days to cancel your subscription.

How to Avoid Surprise Charges with Synup?

Synup can surprise you with cancellation charges, you need to know how to avoid them. Here's Jeremy's cancellation experience with Synup:
“I tried to cancel this service over 5 times. They refused to cancel my service. After having to be forceful, they said I could not cancel unless I paid a $300 cancellation.” ― Jeremy P. (Marketing Agency Owner)
Auto-renewal is the name of the game when your annual contract lapses. If you plan to cancel Synup at the end of your annual contract, drop a line to at least a month before the contract wraps up to avoid auto-renewals and cancellation charges.
Refunds? Well, here's the deal: Unless it's a super-special case agreed upon within 30 days of signing up, refunds aren't on the table post-payment.

Is Synup Worth the Cost for Local Businesses or Marketing Agencies?

Man nodding no.
Well NO! Here are 4 big reasons why:
  • You can't try Synup for free: They ask for your credit card upfront, and they'll charge you for the whole year if you forget to cancel within 14 days.
  • High Price Tag: Starts at $30/month per location, way costlier than ReviewGain's $5/location. Plus they enforce annual contracts.
  • Whitelabel Worries: You get no discounts if you're a small-medium agency. Even if you manage 100+ locations through Synup, don't expect a discount.
  • Tricky Cancellation: There's a lot of back and forth for cancellation, plus you're looking at a 30-day wait and hidden charges.
Synup is not meant for small-medium businesses or marketing agencies. And if you need more convincing, check out this review from ex-Synup customer.
“They do not care about the success of their customers. This is a very shady company. I wish we picked a different vendor for listing management as Synup has cost me tens of thousands of dollars (that didn't translate to value for our clients) and, even worse - hours dealing with their support that only likes to buy time. If you run an agency or marketing company, do not use their white-label service. Take it from someone who has used them for years - run, don't walk.” ― Marketing Agency Owner
Looking for a better fit? If you're on the hunt for a review-boosting tool that comes with a breezy free trial and a hassle-free cancellation process, then ReviewGain is your next move.
Here's why:
🌟 For Local Business Owners:
🚀 For Small-Medium Marketing Agencies:
  • Dive into our 100% whitelabel reputation management tool, where you can add your own unique flair. Your logo, your domain, and your pricing.
  • Our whitelabel plans start at just $49/month for 1 client + FREE whitelabel setup.
  • As you bring in more clients, your discounts can reach upto 50%.
  • Plus we act as your 24/7 tech team!
Did you get the answer you were looking for? I hope I was able to demystify Synup pricing for you. If you curious about ReviewGain, click here to find out more about it, or, just start your 14-day free trial of ReviewGain.
Starting your trial is as easy as entering your email – no credit card or phone number required. See you on the other side!
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