Get More 5 Star Reviews

Tired of handing out review request cards?
Our campaigns are basically a completely automated 5 star review generator!

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Customers leaving more 5 star reviews

Run automated SMS/Email review campaigns

No time to wait! Proactively ask for reviews
Send automated review requests via SMS or Email
Remind customers to leave a review with smart follow ups

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Customers leaving reviews after SMS review campaign
ReviewGain helps you collect only the positive reviews.

Only collect positive reviews

We make sure your positive reviews reach review sites,
while negative feedback reaches your customer support.

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Personalize your review request

Use customer's info to personalize all review requests on autopilot
No weird email IDs, send emails from your professional email ID
Text your customers from a local 10DLC number

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Review request personalised for a customer
Instant review request feature of ReviewGain

Send instant review requests

A customer just left your business feeling awesome about your service?
Instantly convert the positive experience into a 5-star review
Send instant review requests on both SMS/Email

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Easy to use review links

Just give us your profile URL and we automatically generate a review link
Google, Yelp, FB, you name it, we generate easy to use review links for all sites.

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Google, tripadvisor, facebook and yelp review links
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