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3 Reasons Why Reviews are Important for Lawyers

As a lawyer, you might think that your reputation is built solely on your legal prowess and courtroom victories. But in today's digital age, there's something else that plays a crucial role in shaping how clients perceive you – reviews!
Yes, those little stars and snippets of feedback can make a big difference. Here are 3 reasons why reviews are important for lawyers like me:

1. Trust is Everything:

Different parts of feedback.
  • Reviews help potential clients gauge the quality of your services and build trust. When someone sees positive reviews from satisfied clients, they're more likely to trust you with their legal matters.
  • Positive reviews act as a virtual pat on the back, assuring others that you're a competent and reliable lawyer who gets the job done.

2. Better Search Rankings:

Better Search Rankings becaue of reviews.
  • Reviews play a significant role in search engine rankings. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your website or profile will appear in search results.
  • When people search for lawyers online, they often look for reviews and ratings to make informed decisions. So, having a strong review presence can boost your visibility and attract more potential clients.

3. More Leads, More Clients:

Reviews leading to more reviews for lawyers.
  • Reviews are like the legal world's word-of-mouth recommendations. When happy clients leave positive reviews, they essentially become brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your exceptional legal services.
  • Reviews also help in generating more leads. Potential clients tend to contact lawyers with a proven track record of client satisfaction, as reflected in their reviews.

Getting More Reviews: 5 Simple Steps for Lawyers

If you're a lawyer looking to boost your online reputation and get more reviews from satisfied clients, I've got your back. Follow these simple steps and watch those stars roll in:

Step #1 - Make It Easy:

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  • Sign up for a free trial on a review management tool like ReviewGain (it's a game-changer, trust me).
  • No credit card required, just enter your name and email to get full access to all the review management features.

Step #2 - Connect the Dots:

Arrow showing how to connect your Google Business profile to ReviewGain.
  • Connect your profile to ReviewGain.
  • Simply enter your Google Place ID or connect any other review profile, and voila! The tool will start tracking your review profiles, sending you review alerts and allowing you to respond to reviews seamlessly.

Step #3 - Know Where You Stand:

ReviewGain's dashboard showing customer feedback analysis in an attractive tag cloud format.
  • Get a clear picture of your online reputation with a customer sentiment analysis.
  • ReviewGain presents your customer feedback in a user-friendly word cloud format, highlighting what customers love about you and areas for improvement.

Step #4 - Ask and You Shall Receive:

Start a Google review campaign to get more reviews using ReviewGain.
  • Start a review campaign using ReviewGain's SMS/Email feature.
  • Craft a compelling message and ask your clients for reviews, using ReviewGain's template review request that guarantees results.
  • ReviewGain even generates a short review link for you to include in your messages, making it super convenient for your clients to leave reviews.

Step #5 - Engage and Share:

ReviewGain's reply to review and share reviews dashboard
  • Stay on top of your reviews by quickly responding to them.
  • ReviewGain provides review alerts for new reviews and offers auto-suggested responses, making it a breeze to engage with clients.
  • Share your awesome reviews on social media directly from the ReviewGain dashboard, spreading the word about your legal prowess.
So this is how to take control of your online reputation and start collecting those valuable reviews. With ReviewGain and these 5 steps, you'll be on your way to shining brighter than the North Star in no time.

Top 5 Review Sites for Lawyers

Now that we know why reviews are essential for lawyers, let's dive into the top five review sites where you can establish your online presence and gather valuable feedback:

1. Google My Business:

Google Business Profile for Lawyers.
  • Google is the go-to search engine for many people, and having reviews on Google My Business can significantly impact your online reputation.
  • Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on your Google My Business profile, boosting your visibility and credibility.

2. Avvo:

Avvo site for lawyers.
  • Avvo is a popular platform specifically designed for legal professionals. It allows clients to review and rate lawyers based on their experience.
  • Claim your Avvo profile, showcase your expertise, and let your clients do the talking through their reviews.

3. Yelp:

Yelp profile for a lawyer.
  • Yelp is not just for foodies; it's also an excellent platform for lawyers to showcase their skills and gather reviews.
  • Create a professional Yelp profile, engage with clients, and encourage them to leave honest feedback about their experience working with you.

4. Facebook:

Facebook profile for a lawyer.
  • Facebook isn't just for sharing cat videos and vacation photos; it's also a powerful tool for lawyers to build their online reputation.
  • Create a professional Facebook page, engage with your audience, and invite clients to share their feedback through reviews.

5. business profile.
  • is a dedicated platform for legal professionals, connecting potential clients with lawyers in various practice areas.
  • Claim your profile, provide accurate information about your services, and encourage clients to leave reviews to attract more leads.
Remember, each review is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and attract new clients!
So, don't shy away from asking your satisfied clients to share their experiences.

What is the Cost of Getting More Reviews for Lawyers?

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the cost. ReviewGain offers affordable plans tailored to your needs and designed to make your wallet smile. Here's a breakdown of the options:

Starter Plan ($49/month) for small law firms with less than 5 locations:

ReviewGain Starter plan.
  • Get 20-30 reviews per month with 100 SMS review requests and 1000 email requests.
  • Manage and respond to reviews conveniently from a central dashboard.
  • Monitor your profile 24/7 and receive review alerts directly to your phone.
  • Understand your customers better with customer sentiment analysis features.
  • And get 24/7 responsive email and chat support (unlike those pesky big companies!).

Growth Plan ($79/month) for larger law firms:

ReviewGain Growth plan.
  • Receive a whopping 150 glowing reviews per month with 500 SMS review invites and unlimited email requests.
  • Boost your local customer base by automatically showcasing your reviews on social media and your website.
  • Enjoy all the features of the Starter Plan, plus the added benefits of the Growth Plan.

For marketing agencies, consultants, and freelancers serving lawyers, we've got something for you too:

ReviewGain Whitelabel Pricing.
  • ReviewGain offers a 100% whitelabel platform, allowing you to customize your branding and pricing.
  • Start with just 1 seat for $49/month per client, with no whitelabel setup fee.
  • As you add more clients, enjoy up to 50% discounts, saving you money as you scale your services.
  • And of course, we've got your back with 24/7 email and tech support. Consider us your tech team!
So, with ReviewGain's affordable plans and extensive features, getting more reviews won't break the bank. It's a win-win situation, helping you boost your online reputation without emptying your pockets.

Ready to start your reputation management journey?

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And there you have it, my legal superheroes! We've reached the end of our review-packed journey. I hope you found my insights helpful in navigating the world of online reviews for lawyers.
Now, if ReviewGain has captured your attention (and I'm sure it has!), hop on over to our website or kickstart your 14-day free trial. No credit card details or phone numbers required – just your trusty email, and you're ready to embark on a review-gaining adventure!
Cheers to building an outstanding online reputation, one review at a time!