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3 Reasons Why It's Important for Beauty Salon to Get More Reviews?

Hey there! If you're running a beauty salon and wondering why getting more reviews is crucial, I've got three fabulous reasons to convince you:

1. Trust and Social Proof:

Stats showing importance of trust
  • Reviews act as social proof for your salon's services. When potential customers see positive reviews, it builds trust and confidence in your salon's credibility.
  • People love to hear about the experiences of others. Positive reviews create a sense of reassurance that your salon can deliver amazing results.

2. Better Search Rankings:

showing how reviews boost your search ranking
  • Search engines like Google consider reviews as a vital ranking factor. The more reviews you have, the higher your salon will appear in search results.
  • Positive reviews indicate customer satisfaction, making search engines believe that your salon is reputable and worthy of being recommended.

3.More Leads and Customers:

showing how reviews improve leads and conversion .
  • Reviews can attract new customers to your salon. Positive reviews act as a powerful word-of-mouth advertisement, attracting potential clients.
  • Customers are more likely to choose a salon with many positive reviews, as it gives them confidence that they'll receive top-notch service.

5 Steps to Get More Reviews for Your Beauty Salon


Step #1 - Sign up for a trial with ReviewGain:

Arrow pointing to a button on ReviewGain's landing page to start free trial.

Step #2 - Connect your Review Profile:

Arrow showing how to connect your Google Business profile to ReviewGain.
  • Retrieve your Google Place ID/profile URL and enter it into ReviewGain's platform.
  • Now you'll receive review alerts and be able to respond to all your reviews in one place.

Step #3 - Understand how your online reputation is doing:

ReviewGain's dashboard showing customer feedback analysis in an attractive tag cloud format.
  • ReviewGain's dashboard shows your customer feedback in a cool word cloud format.
  • See what your customers love about your salon and where you can improve.

Step #4 - Start a Google review campaign:

Start a Google review campaign to get more reviews using ReviewGain.
  • Create an SMS/Email review campaign within ReviewGain to start asking your clients for reviews.
  • Add a list of customers and include a few steps in your campaign to request Google reviews

Step #5 - Reply to all your new reviews and share them:

ReviewGain's reply to review and share reviews dashboard
  • As you start receiving more reviews, it's crucial to respond quickly. ReviewGain will provide review alerts for all new reviews.
  • Use ReviewGain's auto-suggested responses or create your own personalized replies to engage with your clients.
  • Respond directly from the ReviewGain dashboard and easily share your fantastic reviews on social media.
  • With these steps, you'll be on your way to getting more reviews and boosting your beauty salon's reputation.

Top 5 Review Sites where Beauty Salon should try to get more reviews


1. Google My Business:

Google Profile for beauty salon
  • The most influential review platform for local businesses.
  • Having a strong presence here will significantly boost your salon's visibility in search results.

2. Yelp:

Yelp profile for beauty salon
  • A popular platform where people go to discover and review businesses.
  • Yelp's large user base makes it an ideal place to showcase your salon's reputation.

3. Facebook:

facebook profile for beauty salon
  • With billions of users, Facebook offers an excellent opportunity to gather reviews and engage with your audience.
  • Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your salon's Facebook page.


tripadvisor for beauty salon
  • If your salon offers spa or wellness services, TripAdvisor is a must.
  • It's a trusted platform for travelers and locals seeking relaxing experiences.

5. Beauty-Specific Platforms:

beauty specific platforms for beauty salons
  • Sites like BeauticianHub or BeautyCircle cater specifically to the beauty industry.
  • Targeting these platforms allows you to reach a highly relevant audience who are actively looking for beauty services.
  • Remember, it's not just about the number of reviews but also the quality. Encourage your happy customers to leave honest reviews, and always respond to both positive and negative feedback. So, get those reviews rolling and watch your salon thrive!

What is the Cost to Get More Reviews for Beauty Salons?

Consider using ReviewGain, an affordable and feature-packed tool for review management. Here's a breakdown of their plans:

Starter Plan ($49/month) for beauty salons with less than 5 locations:

ReviewGain Starter plan.

Growth Plan ($79/month) for beauty salons with less than 20 locations:

ReviewGain Growth plan.
  • Take your reviews to new heights with a minimum of 150 glowing reviews every month using 500 SMS review invites and unlimited email requests.
  • Showcase your reviews on social media and your website to attract more local customers.
  • Includes all the features of the Starter Plan.
  • Benefit from 24/7 email and chat support.

For marketing agencies, consultants, or freelancers serving beauty salons:

ReviewGain Whitelabel Pricing.
  • ReviewGain has a 100% whitelabel platform allowing your own customize branding and pricing for your clients.
  • Start with 1 seat at $49/month per client, with $0 whitelabel setup fee.
  • As you add more clients, unlock discounts of up to 50%, saving you money while expanding your services.
  • Need technical support? No worries! Our 24/7 email and tech support. Consider us your very own tech team!
With ReviewGain's affordable plans and extensive features, you can effectively manage and leverage your Google reviews without breaking the bank. It's a smart investment for your beauty salon's online reputation.

Ready to start your reputation management journey?

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So there you have it, my friend! We've reached the end of our journey to understand the importance of reviews for your beauty salon and how ReviewGain can be your secret weapon.
If ReviewGain has piqued your interest and you're eager to give it a whirl, hop on over to our website and kickstart your 14-day trial for free! No credit card or phone number required, just your email and you're all set! Trust me, you won't regret it. Happy reviewing and may your salon's reputation shine brighter than ever!