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3 Reasons why it's important for Software Business to get more reviews?

As a software business owner, you might be wondering why reviews are important for your success. Well, I've got three compelling reasons to convince you why getting more reviews should be at the top of your to-do list:

1. Build Trust and Credibility:

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  • Reviews act as social proof, showing potential customers that others have tried your software and had a positive experience.
  • Positive reviews build trust, making it more likely for new customers to take a leap of faith and try your software themselves.
  • Remember, trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and reviews help you establish that trust with your audience.

2. Improve Search Rankings:

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  • Search engines love fresh, relevant content, and customer reviews provide exactly that.
  • When your software receives more reviews, search engines recognize the engagement and view your business as more credible and popular.
  • This increased credibility can lead to higher search rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find you when they search for software in your niche.

3.Generate More Leads and Conversions:

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  • Positive reviews act as powerful testimonials that can sway potential customers in your favor.
  • Reviews highlight the key benefits of your software and address common concerns, helping potential customers make informed decisions.
  • By showcasing positive reviews prominently, you can turn them into compelling marketing messages that attract more leads and ultimately increase conversions.

5 Steps to Get More Reviews for Your Software Business


Step #1 - Sign up for a trial with ReviewGain:

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Step #2 - Connect your review profile:

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  • Obtain your profile URLand enter it into the ReviewGain platform.
  • ReviewGain will start tracking your review profile, providing review alerts and the ability to respond to reviews within the platform.

Step #3 - Assess your online reputation:

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  • ReviewGain's dashboard displays your customer feedback analysis in a visually appealing word cloud format.
  • Understand what customers like and dislike about your software based on their sentiments.

Step #4 - Launch a Google review campaign:

Start a Google review campaign to get more reviews using ReviewGain.
  • Create an SMS/Email review campaign within ReviewGain to start asking your clients for reviews.
  • Add your customer list and create 2-3 steps (messages) to request Google reviews.
  • ReviewGain offers a template review request that generates positive results, making it easy to get reviews.

Step #5 - Reply promptly and share positive reviews:

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  • As you start receiving more reviews, it's crucial to respond quickly. ReviewGain will provide review alerts for all new reviews.
  • ReviewGain provides auto-suggested responses for efficient replies.
  • Respond directly from the ReviewGain dashboard and easily share your awesome reviews on social media.
  • Following these steps will help you streamline your review management process and boost your online reputation. With ReviewGain's tools and guidance, getting more reviews for your software business will be a breeze. Remember, the more positive reviews you gather, the greater your credibility and the higher your chances of attracting new customers!

Top 5 Review Sites for where Software business should try to get more reviews:


1. Capterra:

Capterra Profile for software business.
  • Capterra is a popular platform specifically dedicated to software reviews.
  • With millions of monthly visitors searching for software solutions, having positive reviews on Capterra can significantly increase your visibility and credibility.

2. G2:

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  • G2 is known for its comprehensive software reviews and comparisons.
  • Encouraging your satisfied customers to leave reviews on G2 can help you stand out among your competitors and attract potential customers searching for software recommendations.

3. Trustpilot:

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  • Trustpilot is a widely recognized review platform that covers various industries, including software.
  • Positive reviews on Trustpilot can enhance your reputation and build trust with potential customers who value the opinions of other users.

4.Software Advice:

Software Advice for software business.
  • Software Advice provides expert reviews and recommendations for different software categories.
  • Having positive reviews on Software Advice can increase your visibility among businesses actively searching for software solutions in your niche.

5. GetApp:

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  • GetApp focuses on helping businesses discover and compare software options.
  • By accumulating positive reviews on GetApp, you can boost your software's exposure and attract leads who are in the decision-making stage.
  • Remember, getting reviews is just the first step. Engage with your customers, respond to their feedback (both positive and negative), and let them know you appreciate their input. The more you encourage reviews and actively participate in the conversation, the stronger your relationship with your customers will be, leading to continued success for your software business.

What is the Cost to Get More Reviews for Software Business?

Let's dive into the cost of Google review management for your software business. Consider ReviewGain as your affordable and comprehensive solution:

Starter Plan ($49/month) for Software business with less than 5 locations:

ReviewGain Starter plan.

Growth Plan ($79/month) - for Software business with less than 20 locations:

ReviewGain Growth plan.
  • Take your reviews to new heights with a minimum of 150 glowing reviews every month using 500 SMS review invites and unlimited email requests.
  • Attract more local customers by automatically showcasing your reviews on social media and your website.
  • Includes all features of the Starter Plan.
  • Benefit from 24/7 Email and Chat Support.

For Marketing Agencies/Consultants/Freelancers serving Software business:

ReviewGain Whitelabel Pricing.
  • ReviewGain has a 100% whitelabel platform allowing your own customize branding and pricing for your clients.
  • Start with 1 seat at $49/month per client, with $0 whitelabel setup fee.
  • As you add more clients, enjoy up to 50% discounts, saving money while scaling your services.
  • 24/7 Email and Tech Support provided. We act as your dedicated tech team!
With ReviewGain's cost-effective plans, you can effectively manage your Google reviews without breaking the bank. Our feature-rich platform empowers your software business to generate more reviews, respond to feedback, and strengthen your online reputation. Choose ReviewGain and unlock the benefits of affordable, efficient, and reliable review management!

Ready to start your reputation management journey?

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