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I'm writing this article for local business owners and marketing agencies serving small-medium businesses.
If you're looking to explore Birdeye alternatives, you will find a tool that works for you in this article.
We'll compare and contrast features, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses of the top 8 Birdeye competitors so you can make an informed decision on the platform that fits your business's needs.
So kick back, fix yourself a cup of your favorite beverage (tea, coffee, or a well-deserved beer, it's all good), and join me as we navigate the world of Birdeye alternatives.
We'll cover the following topics; if you're impatient, you can jump over to the last section to find out the best Birdeye alternative for your agency or business.

5 Reasons to Consider Birdeye Alternatives

Birdeye website.
Before we dive into Birdeye competitors, let's see why Birdeye would be wrong for your business.
πŸ‘‰ One of Birdeye's biggest problems is its bumpy onboarding process, which can be quite frustrating for new users. Look at this review:
β€œThe experience can vary a lot depending on the representative assigned to your account. It can be a great experience or a time-consuming one if your rep does not take care of your needs and it's very hard to set-up without their help.” ― G2 Review
πŸ‘‰ Hidden and expensive pricing, they recently hid their pricing plans from public view and only offer custom quotes. The lowest plan started at 299$/month when the pricing was public. If you're interested in the full Birdeye pricing, I wrote about Birdeye Pricing 101 recently.
πŸ‘‰ Getting help from customer support is a nightmare, one of their reviews mentions this
β€œGetting to speak with someone or cancelling a contract that was done incorrectly the first time was a problem. They don't return phone calls.” ― GetApp Review
πŸ‘‰ Not easy to set up a Birdeye whitelabel platform for marketing agencies. They don't provide specific instructions on how to onboard clients, so you're left to figure things out on your own.
πŸ‘‰ It's plain confusing: Birdeye is cluttered with a lot of features, which makes the platform buggy and hard to use.
When deciding whether you need a Birdeye competitor, ask yourself these questions:
Do you want a clear pricing plan from the start or are you looking for custom quotes and hidden fees?
Do you want to struggle with customer support every time you run into an issue or would you rather have someone help you out as you figure out the tool?
If you're short on time, here's a complete comparison table between different Birdeye alternatives:
Table comparing different Birdeye competitors across various features.
If you now feel like diving directly into the top 8 Birdeye alternatives, you can jump here.
How will we assess each tool?
Here are the criteria we will use to evaluate each tool:
Will it help you get a 5-star rating? ⭐️
Stats showing the power of online reviews and reputation management.
The tool should help you collect reviews on all major reviews sites and social media.
It should also allow you to send automated review campaigns via SMS and email.
In short, it should help you get many great reviews and a glowing 5-star rating.
Hey, if you're someone who takes charge of their own online reputation, you may find my 5-step google reputation management blog helpful.
Does it help in online review tracking?
Statistics about the effect of negative reviews on your business.
To keep your online reviews from becoming a nightmare, you need to review them regularly. The tool should have a reputation alert feature that notifies you when new reviews are posted.
Does it give you an accurate picture of your reputation? ❀️
You can't improve if you don't know where you stand.
The tool should provide easy-to-understand reputation analysis that helps you gain an insight into what people think of your business.
Does it make you more money? πŸ’°
This one is pretty simple, we all want to make more money.
The tool should help you market your reviews to increase your sales/bookings/visitors.
Does it help you protect your reputation online? πŸ›‘
Ways to respond to online reviews.
Having a good reputation is more valuable than money.
The tool should protect your brand reputation by helping you to respond to reviews quickly.
It should also nudge customers to send negative feedback directly to your customer service rather than on public platforms.
Do they see you as a person or a prospect? 🀝
Even if the tool is great, you will need help when you first use it.
The company should work with you to provide guidance and timely resolution to all issues.
Is it worth the price you pay for it?
When we spend money on a tool, we want to get the most value for our investment. Affordable pricing is important for small business owners on a budget.
Now that you know how we will evaluate each tool, let's look at some top Birdeye competitors.

Birdeye Alternative #1 - ReviewGain

ReviewGain dashboard containing Google and Yelp reviews in one place.
I want to make it clear that this blog is hosted on reviewgain.io, so of course, I think that ReviewGain is the best reputation management tool out there. But I'll back it up with facts and you'll agree that ReviewGain is great for your business.
Free trial
ReviewGain offers a 14-day trial with access to all features. You just need your email (no credit card!).
ReviewGain's customer sentiment and feedback wordcloud feature.
ReviewGain is a robust Birdeye alternative for marketing agencies and small-medium businesses built for speed of use and ease of management. Check out the features below:
  • Automated review campaigns via SMS and Email, using your customer information to help you get great review rates.
  • Instant review alerts let you know when new reviews are posted on any review site, allowing you to monitor all review sites that are relevant for small-medium businesses.
  • ReviewGain is the perfect way to turn all those awesome customer reviews into sales. It automatically creates eye-catching posts and showcases testimonials on your website β€” attracting more online visitors and converting them into paying customers.
  • ReviewGain's sentiment analysis feature allows you to see your customers' feedback in an easy-to-understand tag cloud format, which is easier to understand than traditional text-based reports. (Seriously text-based reports are so 2000s)
  • ReviewGain's auto-suggested responses are a nice touch, as well. Their artificial intelligence writes human-like responses to reviews, allowing you to respond to all of your reviews in under a minute.
ReviewGain Pricing
ReviewGain pricing plans.
The lowest plan for businesses having less than 10 locations is just 49$/month.
For businesses having more locations, ReviewGain has a 79$/month plan.
Both plans offer unlimited email review requests.
You're billed monthly, with no long-term contracts.
You can cancel your subscription anytime.
ReviewGain Strengths
  • Supports review campaign through text and email.
  • The most cost-effective and straightforward pricing available.
  • Customer support is excellent, making it easy for new customers to onboard.
  • The sentiment analyzer is an excellent feature for identifying customer opinions.
  • Helps you earn money by converting your reviews into sales.
  • Review tracking is done right with real-time review alerts.
  • ReviewGain's smart campaigns make it possible for you to build a reputation without annoying your customers.
ReviewGain Weaknesses
  • No enterprise-level features, like corporate reporting or conversation archiving (which you'd like to pay for?).
  • ReviewGain is designed for small-medium businesses with less than 200 employees, so if you're a mid-market business with more than that or an enterprise with more than 1000 employees, ReviewGain probably isn't a great fit.
ReviewGain for Agencies
If you want to offer reputation management to your clients hassle-free, you need to look at ReviewGain:
  • Go 100% Whitelabel: Make it totally yours! Use your own domain, slap on that logo, and set the pricing just how you like it.
  • Customize Review Requests: Add your client's logo and easily personalize the review requests to each customer.
  • Auto-Pilot Reports: Impress your clients with automatic whitelabel reputation reports delivered straight to their inbox.
  • Sweet Margins: Starting at just $29/month per client, you'll be raking in the profits as you help businesses shine.
  • Super Support: We've got your back. We're your 24/7 troubleshoot squad!
Ready to dive in? Check out the ReviewGain whitelabel platform, along with the pricing info.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local businesses?

Definitely YES! 
With ReviewGain, you'll never be upsold on features you don't need and it's all you need to build a solid online reputation and get more sales using your reviews.
Additionally, it's got great customer support guiding you through every step.
You can check it out for free here to see if it's right for you.

Birdeye Alternative #2 - Podium

Podium website.
Podium is an all-in-one reputation management platform. It offers hundreds of features, integrations, and tools to help you succeed using the power of text messages. Btw, if you're looking for an in-depth comparison, I recently wrote an article on Podium vs Birdeye.
Free trial
Podium offers a 14-day trial, no questions asked.
Podium Overview
Podium is another solid Birdeye competitor with a focus on SMS campaigns. Here are Podium's top features:
  • It will help you get more reviews by supporting text and email review campaigns.
  • It has a central dashboard that makes it easy to respond to all your reviews.
  • All-in-one inbox across text and social media channels.
  • Podium dashboard helps you identify trends in reviews.
  • Competitor analysis features.
  • If you're interested, you can check out the complete 2023 Podium review.
Podium Pricing
Podium pricing plans.
The Essentials plan is $289/month including review management and text marketing features.
The Standard plan is 449$/month. It includes features like website reporting and branding.
Their Professional plan is probably irrelevant for most small-medium businesses.
I understand Podium plans can be a little confusing, but I translated them into plain English on Podium pricing blog.
Podium Strengths
  • The all-in-one Podium inbox lets you reply to all customer conversations in one place.
  • A unified dashboard for viewing and responding to customer reviews
  • You can ask for reviews on both text and email.
Podium Weaknesses
  • No personalized onboarding if you don't pay for their $450/month plan.
  • It costs an arm and a leg; the most basic Podium plan starts at $289/month.
  • For small business owners, a platform with too many features can be difficult to use.
  • Annual contracts - they start at $3,000/year and bind you to the terms for the entire year.
  • Podium's customer support is a weak spot, with most of Podium's bad reviews relating to poor customer service.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local business?

Certainly NOT! 
Most small businesses would find it difficult to afford Podium's pricing and yearly contracts.
The platform is tough to use with a lack of customer support, making Podium a really poor tool for small business review management.
If you still like Podium but not the hefty price tag, I recently wrote a blog on Podium alternatives.

Birdeye Alternative #3 - NiceJob

NiceJob website.
NiceJob is a review management and website design platform that helps you get more reviews and referrals.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial, but you'll need to provide your email and phone number to start the trial. During this period, they don't allow access to all of their features.
NiceJob Overview
Here's a brief overview of NiceJob's features:
  • Automatic review marketing on social media and website.
  • Review generators using text & Email.
  • Referral invite requests.
NiceJob Pricing
NiceJob pricing and plans.
The Standard pack is 75$ per month which includes all review management features.
The Convert plan is 399$ one-time fee + 99$/month, this comes with website design features.
The combined Bundle plan is 399$ fee + 174$/month.
NiceJob Strengths
  • Soliciting reviews via SMS and email.
  • Social proof widgets to increase your sales.
NiceJob Weaknesses
  • No customer sentiment analysis to help you understand what customers want.
  • NiceJob allows reviewers to leave reviews on their own site instead of public review sites, which can lead to the loss of great reviews. Here's an example:
    β€œWe have lost a number of great reviews, from customers who have gmail accounts but instead left a great review on NiceJob which no one will ever see.” ― G2 Review
  • NiceJob doesn't listen to your online reputation 24/7. Also, it doesn't alert you when someone gives you a bad review to let you know it's time to clean up your act.
  • They charge a minimum of $500 to use any of the website redesign features.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local businesses?

It can be:
NiceJob has great features for getting reviews and marketing them to get more sales.
Their review and referral management plan is quite affordable at 75$/month.
If you don't mind some of your reviews going to the NiceJob site, it might be worth a look!

Birdeye Alternative #4 - GradeUs

GradeUs website.
GradeUs is a Birdeye competitor that helps agencies generate, monitor, and market reviews for their clients.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial, but you'll need to provide your work email to sign up. 
GradeUs Overview
GradeUs is targeted towards agencies who would like to offer reputation management services to their clients. Here's a summary of GradeUs features:
  • Review request campaigns on text and Email.
  • Instant email review alerts for new reviews.
  • Reputation marketing on social media and website.
  • Central dashboard to respond to reviews on multiple sites.
GradeUs Pricing
GradeUs pricing and plans.
For single-location businesses, the Solo plan is 110$/month.
If you're an agency looking to just try out review management, the plan starts at 180$/month for 3 seats.
GradeUs strengths
  • Good review generation features with custom templates and multichannel review campaigns on SMS/Email.
  • Reputation marketing features that help you convert your reviews into money.
GradeUs Weaknesses
  • Far too expensive with the starter plan at 110$/month.
  • No smart replies feature to let you respond to reviews quickly.
  • For the complete whitelabel, there's an additional 440$ one-time setup fee.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local businesses?

Probably not, because:
The SMB plan starts at $110/month, which is too expensive when Birdeye alternatives like ReviewGain offer a similar set of features for just $49/month.
The agency whitelabel plan starts at 440$ setup fee + 180$/month, this again is too pricey.
ReviewGain's whitelabel setup fee is just 49$/month (which includes one seat free!) and you get your own branding on the platform.
It might be worth a look for agencies but the price is too hefty.

Birdeye Alternative #5 - ReviewPush

ReviewPush website.
ReviewPush is a Birdeye competitor that allows you to gather and reply to all of your reviews in one place.
Free trial
They provide a 21-day trial, but you must provide your phone number and e-mail address to get started.
ReviewPush Overview
ReviewPush keeps its features easy to understand. Here's a summary of ReviewPush features:
  • Email review campaigns.
  • Lets you monitor over 50 review sites.
  • All review activity is reported centrally.
  • Ability to respond to all your reviews from one place.
  • Email alert to let you know when a new review is posted on any review site.
ReviewPush Pricing
ReviewPush pricing and plans.
The monthly plan is 99$ per location per month.
The yearly plan is 89$ per location per month.
ReviewPush Strengths
  • The features are easy to use, and you can get started right away.
  • Review and profile alerts notify you when you get a new review.
ReviewPush Weaknesses
  • Doesn't support text campaigns, SMS has a much higher response rate than email.
  • They have no local reputation marketing features to get you more sales using your reviews.
  • They only report reviews separated by rating, but don't provide in-depth customer feedback analysis.
  • ReviewPush costs more than other Birdeye alternatives like ReviewGain, which supports up to five locations for 59$ per month compared to 450$ per month plan by ReviewPush.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local business?

It's a good enough tool
It will get you more reviews and help you get a better rating but doesn't support SMS.
If you just care about getting more reviews, at 59$/month, ReviewPush is a good tool.

Birdeye Alternative #6 - Review Tool

Review Tool website.
It is a focused review management tool.
Free trial
They offer a 7-day trial but you need your credit card to sign up. If you forget to cancel before the trial ends, your credit card will be charged.
Review Tool Overview
Here's a short summary of it's features:
  • Run automated review campaigns on SMS, MMS, and Email.
  • Customized review cards to ask for reviews offline.
  • Monitor reviews on all relevant review sites.
  • Review widgets to showcase testimonials
Review Tool Pricing
Review Tool pricing and plans.
The Lite Plan costs 69$/month, with 1000 review requests and only 1 location.
The Pro Plan starts at 99$/month, with 2000 review invites and just 2 locations.
The Premium Plan is 149$/month with 3000 review requests and up to 5 locations.
You need to pay extra for dedicated phone numbers and extra review request credits.
Review Tool Strengths
  • Omnichannel review campaigns on three channels - MMS, SMS, and Email.
  • Dedicated toll-free phone numbers for SMS review invites.
  • Review sentiment analysis and competitor insights.
Review Tool Weaknesses
  • ReviewTool is much more expensive than other Birdeye alternatives like ReviewGain, which provides up to 5 locations for 59$/month compared to ReviewTool's 149$/month.
  • They provide toll-free numbers while 10DLC numbers are best for text outreach.
  • Limited review requests, ReviewGain offer unlimited email review invites.
  • They offer single and scheduled review invitations but no drip campaigns.
  • No social media review marketing features.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local businesses?

Review Tool is a comprehensive tool and affordable for single-location businesses.
For multi-location businesses, the tool gets too expensive at 150$/month.
It also can't help you get more sales using your reviews.

Birdeye Alternative #7 - Brightlocal

Brightlocal website.
Free trial
Brightlocal offers a no-questions asked 14-day trial.
Brightlocal Overview
Here are the most popular Brightlocal features:
  • All-in-one tool for local SEO management and tracking.
  • Reputation management and review generation.
  • Citations tracking and building.
Brightlocal Pricing
Here's Brightlocal's packages in a nutshell:
  • Single Business: For $35/month, this plan is perfect for small businesses and agencies managing up to 3 locations.
  • Multi Business: Now we're talking mid-sized businesses and growing agencies! For $60 a month, you can manage up to 6 locations.
  • SEO Pro: This plan is for the big players, businesses, and agencies managing up to 100 locations. It comes at $90 a month.
  • But beware, some add-ons can be a bit pricey, like the Active Sync at $8 per location, per month. You also need to pay extra for SMS review requests.
Brightlocal Strengths
  • Citation Building: Brightlocal does a good job with citation building. It helps you create and manage online listings across various directories and platforms.
  • Review Monitoring: It lets you stay on top of customer reviews from different platforms.
  • Easy user interface: It's simple and intuitive.
Brightlocal Weaknesses
  • Data Inaccuracy: Now, here's where things get a bit dicey. Some users have complained about Brightlocal's reporting tool being inaccurate. With more than 80% of the data being inaccurate, it's hard to make informed decisions based on that.
  • Manual Reporting Fixes: Picture this - You're using a reporting tool to save time and effort, but then you find out you have to manually fix errors for each client. What's the point?
  • Limited Customer Service: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Brightlocal's customer service. They have reported a lack of responsiveness and limited support when encountering issues or seeking assistance.
  • Expensive add-ons: Some users have found the add-ons to be expensive, and some add-ons were unclear, making it difficult for them to understand the value they would provide.
  • Refund Policy: Brightlocal's refund policy is a bit of a downer. According to their terms and conditions, they won't refund your subscription fees, no matter the reason. So, even if the product turns out to be a dud, you're stuck with it.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local business?

It's a solid tool for Local SEO management and reporting. It's good for identifying problems with your SEO but not fixing them. Their data is often inaccurate and the add-ons needed to make a difference are too expensive.

Birdeye Alternative #8 - Broadly

Broadly website.
Broadly is a customer experience, online marketing, and lead generation platform.
Free trial
Broadly generously offers a 30-day trial, you just need your email to sign up.
Broadly Overview
Here's a quick overview of Broadly:
  • Monitor and respond to reviews from a central dashboard.
  • All-in-one inbox for webchat and other channels.
  • Email and text campaigns for review generation.
  • Web chat and payment features.
  • Website design features.
Broadly Pricing
Broadly only offers custom quotes, pricing is not available publically.
Broadly Strengths
  • The product is simple and easy to use for small businesses.
  • All-in-one inbox and central dashboard make replying to customers easy.
Broadly Weaknesses
  • The pricing is not public and you need to schedule a demo with their rep to get a quote.
  • Their drip campaigns are too general, they don't focus on getting more reviews.
  • No sentiment or reputation analysis features to help understand customer feedback.
  • No reputation marketing features to help you convert your reviews into cash.

Is it a good Birdeye alternative for local businesses?

Yes, although we don't know their pricing:
It is worth scheduling a demo with Broadly to get a custom quote. However, anything more than $60 per month might make it too pricey compared to other Birdeye alternatives.

Birdeye competitors that didn't make it to the top 8 list

Here are some platforms which didn't make it to the top 8 list but are worth a mention:
Oggvo, Swell: These are essentially CRM platforms with review management features.
They lack some key features that a solid review management system needs and charge more than $200 per month.
Reputation.com: This is one of the oldest players in this space, but it has grown so big that it has become difficult for customers to find support.
Yotpo: Yotpo is designed for eCommerce businesses.

Which is the best Birdeye competitor for
local businesses or marketing agencies?

Woman thinking about the best reputation management software for small business.
It's time to find out the best reputation management tool for small-medium businesses/agencies.
Every business has slightly different needs so there's no definitive answer to this question,
but ReviewGain is specifically designed for small businesses and provides the most value at an affordable price, here's why:
πŸ’₯ Want more 5-star reviews? Use personalized SMS and email review campaigns to boost your ratings.
πŸ’₯ Want to keep an eye on your reputation? Track your reputation 24/7 and get alerts for new reviews.
πŸ’₯ Want to get a sense of how your customers feel about your business? Get easy-to-understand customer sentiment and feedback reports with actionable steps.
πŸ’₯ Would you like to boost your sales? Use their review marketing strategy to attract and convert more customers on your website and social media.
πŸ’₯ Want to protect your reputation? Quickly reply to all your reviews with auto-suggested human-like responses.
πŸ’₯ Thinking about offering reputation management services? We've got you covered with our 100% whitelabel platform. That means you can offer reputation management using your own domain, logo, and start at just $49/month. Oh, and if you're curious, you should look at our whitelabel features. Believe me, you don't want to miss them!
πŸ’₯ Want an affordable tool and a team that cares about you? ReviewGain is made for small-medium businesses and agencies and priced at just 49$/month, with personalized onboarding to all customers!
Are you ready to start your reputation management journey? Click here to find out more about ReviewGain, or, just click here to start a free trial of ReviewGain.
We won't ask for your credit card or your phone number unless you're free for a date? :)

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