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We're diving into the top 8 Podium alternatives and breaking down their pros, cons, pricing, and trial period. By the end of this article, you'll know exactly which alternative is the perfect fit for your business.
Buckle up and get ready for the ultimate showdown of Podium alternatives.
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Why consider Podium alternatives?

Podium website.
Before we look at Podium competitors, let's start with what's wrong with Podium.
👉 One of biggest problems is that Podium only works with Facebook and Google. Some customers like to leave reviews on Yelp or other social media platforms.
👉 Podium software costs an arm and a leg, the lowest Podium plan starts at $300/month. This plan offers 100s of integrations you're probably not going to use in your life. Btw, I've recently decoded the mysteries of Podium plans! Check out my blog on Podium pricing if you have 7 minutes.
👉 Horrible customer support, one of their reviews mentions this
“I am totally disgusted with Podium. They took 6 months to set my account up completely.” ― Capterra Review
I don't think I need to explain this further but here's one more review
“Podium has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The tool is inferior to other companies out there, I would NEVER recommend podium to anyone.” ― G2 Review
👉 Does Podium have a contract? Yep, and they bind you for an entire year. This means that you are bound to Podium's terms, which can be difficult for some businesses to handle.
👉 Tough to use: Podium offers a lot of features that can be confusing to small business owners. Corporate reporting, lead development, and many other features are unnecessary for smaller companies.
Btw if you wanna get the lowdown on Podium, check out my Podium Review. I go over the good stuff (top 3) and the not-so-great stuff (worst 5).
When deciding whether Podium is the right fit for you, ask yourself this:
Do you really need an enterprise-level product for your needs or do you need something simple and affordable that does what you want?
Do you want to sort through a mess of features and integrations on your own or would you prefer to have someone who knows what they are doing guiding you through the process?
Along with these, an annual contract worth $3,000 can be a deal breaker for the majority of small-medium businesses.
If you would like to now look at Podium competitors, you can jump directly to here.
How will we judge each tool?
We will judge each Podium alternative based on the following criteria:
Does it help in getting more 5-star reviews? ⭐️
Pie charts showing the power of online reviews and reputation management.
The most important thing a reputation management tool can do for you is generate 5-star reviews from your customers on autopilot. It should offer a review campaign feature that sends review requests to your customers on multiple channels (SMS/Email) and basically act as a 5-star review generator.
Btw, if you're the kind of person that handles their own reviews, you might be interested in my 5-step guide to manage google reputation.
Does it provide in-depth customer sentiment analysis? ❤️
You can't improve without knowing your customer's sentiments. The tool should provide some kind of feedback analysis that helps you gain a clearer picture of how your customers feel about you.
Does it help you monitor your online reputation?
Statistics about the effect of negative reviews on your business.
Your reviews are important, so you need to keep watch. The tool should monitor your online reviews closely so that you don't ignore any bad ones, and alert you as soon as you get a review.
Does it help you protect your online reputation? 🛡
Statistics showing why responding to reviews is important.
Money can't buy love, but it can buy you a good reputation. The tool should help you protect your reputation by allowing you to respond to reviews quickly and send negative reviews to customer service rather than public review platforms.
Does it help you get more sales using your reviews? 💰
Getting reviews isn't enough; the tool should help you make more money by helping you in sharing your fantastic reviews with your network and customers.
What kind of customer support do they provide? 🤝
I'm a firm believer in the importance of customer service. Nothing speaks to me more than a company that doesn't just have a product, but also a stellar onboarding process and quick resolution to any issues that might arise.
Is it affordable for your businesses?
Affordable pricing is usually a priority for a local business, that don't have the luxury of spending thousands on marketing.
Now that you know our judging criteria, let's take a look at some of the top podium competitors.

Podium Competitor #1 - ReviewGain

ReviewGain dashboard containing Google and Yelp reviews in one place.
Let me make it clear that this blog is hosted on ReviewGain.io, so of course, I think it's great. I promise you'll agree with me by the end of this. Now let's see why ReviewGain is great.
Free trial
ReviewGain offers a free 14-day trial with access to all features, no credit card required. You just need your email to sign up and start your 14-day trial.
ReviewGain Features
ReviewGain's customer sentiment and feedback wordcloud feature.
ReviewGain is the only one on this list of Podium alternatives that's built for small-medium businesses and marketing agencies. Here's a quick summary of ReviewGain features:
  • Automated review campaign on both text and Email with personalized review requests that use the customer's information to help you get great review rates.
  • ReviewGain's sentiment and feedback analysis feature is one of its most impressive features, allowing you to see your customers' feedback in an easy-to-understand tag cloud format.
  • Real-time review alerts notify you when new reviews are posted on any review site. This allows you to monitor all review sites that are relevant for your business.
  • Another noteworthy feature is ReviewGain's auto-suggested responses to reviews; the ReviewGain AI writes human-like responses to reviews, allowing you to respond to all of your reviews in under a minute.
  • ReviewGain allows you to convert all those awesome reviews into actual sales by automatically creating nice-looking social media posts and displaying your reviews on your website. This will bring in more online visitors and convert them into actual customers.
  • For agencies, with ReviewGain's 100% whitelabel platform, you can be the reputation management hero under your own domain, logo, and pricing. Customize the platform to match your theme and keep all your clients in check with the central admin dashboard.
ReviewGain Pricing
ReviewGain pricing plans.
The starter plan for businesses having less than 10 locations is $49/month.
The pro plan for businesses having even more locations (up to 20) is $79/month.
You're always billed monthly, with no yearly contracts.
ReviewGain whitelabel pricing:
ReviewGain whitelabel pricing.
ReviewGain's whitelabel pricing starts at just $49/month for 1 client. You get volume discounts as you scale to more clients. The whitelabel setup fee is $0 for all plans.
If you're new to offering review management
Need a 5-step rep management pitch guide?

ReviewGain Pros
  • Supports both SMS and Email.
  • Most affordable and simple pricing out there.
  • Excellent customer support and easy onboarding.
  • Superb feature for analyzing customer sentiment.
  • Excellent online review tracking with review alerts.
  • Actually helps you in converting your reviews into money.
  • ReviewGain AI, which gives all reputation automation a personal touch.
ReviewGain Cons
  • Not as feature-laden as Podium, like corporate reporting or conversation archiving (would you like to pay for these features?).
  • ReviewGain is only meant for small and medium-sized businesses, so if you're a mid-market business with more than 500 employees or an enterprise with more than 1000 employees, ReviewGain isn't for you.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

Absolutely YES
ReviewGain will never upsell you on a feature you don't need and has all of the features a small-medium business needs to succeed with its review management and review marketing strategy.
It also offers one of the best customer service, helping you through each step of the process. To find out more about ReviewGain, you can head over to our website.

Podium Competitor #2 - BirdEye

Birdeye website.
Birdeye is one of the oldest players in this space and one of the biggest Podium competitor. Btw, if you're looking for an in-depth comparison, I recently wrote an article on Birdeye vs Podium.
Free trial
Birdye offers a free 15-day trial, but you'll need to provide both your phone number and email address to even watch a demo.
They're not asking you out on a date, they just want to keep bugging you with marketing stuff on text.
Birdeye Features
Birdeye vs Podium has been an old debate but they're actually very similar. Here's a summary of Birdeye features:
  • Supports Email and text review campaigns to get more reviews for your business.
  • It has a centralized dashboard that allows you to respond to all your reviews.
  • It allows you to manage 100s of business listings from one central location.
  • Birdeye also monitors 100s of review listings, sending you a review alert.
  • Provides other features like ticketing, team chat, and insights.
Birdeye Pricing
Birdeye pricing plans.
The starter plan is $299/month which includes listings and review management.
The pro plan is $399/month which includes features like ticketing and insights.
They offer both monthly and yearly contracts.
If you're dying to know the nitty-gritty details of pricing, check out my Birdeye Pricing 101 article.
Birdeye Pros
  • Tracks 100s of sites for reviews and listings.
  • Lets you ask for reviews on both SMS and Email.
  • A centralized dashboard for responding to reviews and viewing customer feedback reports.
Birdeye Cons
  • Way too expensive, with its starter plan costing $300/month.
  • The corporate features are useless for small business review management.
  • All the negative reviews for Birdeye complain about their customer support.
  • You pay for monitoring 100s of review sites you have never heard of.
  • Customer sentiment and feedback reporting are hard to understand.
  • Too many features in one platform make it difficult to learn and use.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

A big NO
They follow the Podium playbook of making an all-in-one platform and then charging you for stuff you don't need.
Combined with bad customer support, Birdeye is an obvious NO for most small medium businesses. You're better off looking at other Podium alternatives!
If you want Birdeye-like features but in a tool designed and priced for small businesses, I recently wrote about the top 7 Birdeye alternatives.

Podium Competitor #3 - ReviewPush

ReviewPush website.
ReviewPush is a Podium competitor that allows you to collect and reply to all of your reviews in one place.
Free trial
They offer a 21-day trial, but you'll need to provide your email and phone number to sign up. 
ReviewPush Features
ReviewPush keeps its features nice and simple. Here's a summary of ReviewPush features:
  • Allows you to monitor 50+ review platforms.
  • Centralized reporting of review activity.
  • Lets you respond to all your reviews from one location.
  • Supports Email review campaigns to get more reviews for your business.
  • email alert to let you know when a new review is posted on any review site.
ReviewPush Pricing
ReviewPush pricing and plans.
The monthly plan is 99$ per location per month.
The annual plan is 89$ per location per month.
ReviewPush Pros
  • The features are simple and easy to use.
  • Review and profile alerts let you know when you get a new review.
ReviewPush Cons
  • Doesn't support text campaigns, SMS has much higher response rates than Email.
  • It gets you reviews, not money; they have no local reputation marketing features.
  • No auto-suggested responses which help you respond to your reviews quickly.
  • Doesn't provide in-depth customer sentiment analysis, they only report reviews separated by their rating.
  • Compared to alternatives like ReviewGain, which supports up to five locations for just 59$ per month compared to 450$ per month plan by ReviewPush, the pricing here is slightly on the higher side.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

Probably not
Despite its simplicity, ReviewPush does not help you get more sales by using your reviews. They are at least five times more expensive than other Podium alternatives like ReviewGain which does provide fantastic reputation marketing features.

Podium Competitor #4 - NiceJob

NiceJob website.
NiceJob positions itself as a reputation management and website design platform. We placed NiceJob on this list of Podium competitors because of its review management features.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial, but you'll need to provide your email and phone number to start the trial. However, during the trial, they don't allow access to all of their features.
NiceJob Features
Here's a summary of NiceJob's features:
  • Automatically sharing reviews on social media and website.
  • Automated review request on SMS & Email.
  • Referral invite requests.
NiceJob Pricing
NiceJob pricing and plans.
The review management plan is $75 per month.
The website design plan is $399 setup fee + $99 per month.
The combined plan is $399 fee + $174/month.
NiceJob Pros
  • Multichannel review campaign on both text & Email.
  • You can use their reputation marketing features to increase your sales.
NiceJob Cons
  • No customer sentiment or feedback analysis to help you make decisions.
  • Reviewers have the option to leave a review on NiceJob instead of public review sites, which can lead to the loss of great reviews. Here's an example:
    “We have lost a number of great reviews, from customers who have gmail accounts but instead left a great review on NiceJob which no one will ever see.” ― G2 Review
  • NiceJob doesn't monitor review to help you protect your online reputation.
  • The cost of using any of our website redesign features starts at a hefty $500.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

Probably not a good fit, here's why:
NiceJob helps businesses get more reviews and market them, but it also wants to have people leave reviews on the NiceJob site boosting their own visibility—not small business profiles.
There are no review alert features to help protect your reputation. Without this, you could lose business due to negative reviews.
If you want to use their website redesign features, you will need to pay at least $400 upfront and then pay $100 monthly for them to be enabled. You can get a complete website redesign from a good agency for less than that and they will do it all for you.

Podium Competitor #5 - BrightLocal

BrightLocal website.
BrightLocal claims to be an all-in-one citations and review management tool.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial and you just need an email to start the trial.
BrightLocal Features
BrightLocal offers features for citations and review management. Here's a summary of Brigtlocal's features:
  • Monitor reviews on various review listings and get notified about new reviews.
  • Respond to Google and Facebook reviews from one dashboard.
  • Review generator campaign on Email & SMS.
  • Showcase reviews on your website.
BrightLocal Pricing
BrightLocal pricing and plans.
The single business plan costs $29 per month, which only lets you generate three reports on sites you care about and only lets you create three review widgets to showcase reviews on your website. (Most other tools offer unlimited reports and review widgets.)
The multi-location plan is $49 per month, which lets you create 6 reports and 6 review widgets for each month.
Brightlocal Pros
  • Automated review campaign on both text & Email.
  • Reviews monitoring and review alerts.
Brightlocal Cons
  • All of their plans have strict limits on the number of review reports and widgets.
  • No auto-suggested responses for you to address your negative reviews quickly.
  • Tough to use, the interface is cluttered with a lot of features.
  • You cannot post your reviews on social media automatically.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

Maybe, but there are hiccups: 
Despite being a good all-in-one tool, BrightLocal's affordable plans are too restrictive.
It is mostly aimed at marketing agencies or small businesses looking to build their citations so their reputation features are lacking.
If you like Brightlocal, you might want to look at Brightlocal vs Yext vs ReviewGain article I wrote recently.

Podium Competitor #6 - GatherUp

GatherUp website.
GatherUp markets itself as a customer experience and online review platform.
Free trial
The trial is limited to 14 days, but you won't get full access to all features until you upgrade to a paid plan.
GatherUp Features
Here's a summary of GatherUp features:
  • Automated review request via text or email.
  • Email notifications for new feedback and reviews.
  • Centralized reports to track reviews and ratings.
  • Review widget to display reviews on your website.
GatherUp Pricing
GatherUp pricing and plans.
The single location business plan is $99/month.
To get access to the multi-location plan, you need to have at least 5 locations. The price starts at $60/month for each location or $300/month for 5 locations.
GatherUp Pros
  • Automate the process of soliciting reviews through both SMS and Email.
  • Online review tracking and instant notifications for new reviews.
GatherUp Cons
  • Too expensive; the starting plan is $100 per location per month.
  • If you have 2-3 locations, you need to pay $100 for each location.
  • You can only send 3000 emails per month, even if you sign up for one of the upgrade packages. Other platforms like ReviewGain offer unlimited emailing for nearly half the money.
  • No in-depth reputational or customer feedback analysis features.
  • While the interface is clean, a few features are missing and others are too confusing, see this review:
    "Unfortunately you cannot pause campaigns for reviews once you send out a list. Also, there are a lot of options (which is great) but the downside is that there isn't always enough explanation of the options in the actual tool itself." ― G2 Review

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

Maybe, I'm on the fence about GatherUp, because: 
The pricing is a major issue with the platform; it is roughly double the price of other similar platforms with all of the same capabilities, and even their paid plans are too limited in terms of the number of texts or emails that you can send out.

Podium Competitor #7 - Synup

Synup website.
Synup claims to be an all-in-one digital profile management solution.
Free trial
Their trial process is confusing, with multiple issues:
  • You can only signup with your company email.
  • Once you sign up for the trial, you won't be able to play around with the platform on your own time. They'll set up a compulsory demo with a representative who will show you how to use it.
  • They are unclear on the length of their trial period.
Synup Features
Here's a summary of Synup features:
  • Sentiment Analysis on the reviews.
  • Automated review requests through text and e-mail.
  • Automations on reviews to delegate it to the proper person on your team.
  • Monitors reviews on various review sites with a centralized dashboard to reply to reviews.
Synup Pricing
Synup is completely opaque with its pricing. No official pricing page on their website. Btw, I put together a little guide on the Synup pricing for 2023. If you're checking out Synup, you will find it handy.
Synup Pros
  • Automated review requests through multiple channels.
  • Review monitoring and automations on reviews.
Synup Cons
  • The process of starting a trial is too cumbersome, and it requires meeting with someone from the Synup team.
  • Customers also complain about constant glitches and a lack of proactive customer service.
  • The pricing is hidden, and it's difficult to compare with other platforms.
  • No reputation marketing features to convert your reviews into actual sales.

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

It's difficult to provide a complete answer to this question because Synup doesn't make it easy for customers to learn about their product or pricing.
Also, many customers have complained that they have had difficulty getting in contact with customer support.
I wouldn't recommend Synup to a small business.
Curious about Synup? I've got you covered with my comprehensive Synup Review. We talk about the 3 standout features and the 5 areas that could be better.

Podium Competitor #8 - Yext

Yext website.
Yext is a review + listings management tool.
Free trial
No free trial for Yext, but they offer a free health scan for your business.
  • Upgrading to a paid plan is necessary to build more listings.
  • You get a complimentary training session when you upgrade.
Yext Features
Here's a summary of Yext features:
  • Extensive Directory Network helps you get listed on top platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp.
  • Listings Management lets you publish accurate data to all your listings with Yext Powerlistings.
  • Review monitoring & response features.
Yext Pricing
Yext retail pricing plans.
  • Yext offers four different plans: Emerging ($199/year), Essential ($449/year), Complete ($499/year), and Premium ($999/year).
  • Emerging is a no-go, as it's limited and doesn't list you on Google.
  • Essential seems tempting, but it only allows one-off updates, charging you every year. Save money and DIY or get an intern/VA to help.
  • Complete is better, including all Essential sites, plus Yext Powerlistings for accurate data publishing.
  • Premium, at $999/year, adds review monitoring and website widgets.
Hey, feeling lost about Yext's pricing? Totally get it! If you wanna wrap your head around it, just hop on over to my latest Yext cost guide for 2023 blog.
Yext Pros
  • Extensive Directory Network ensures broad online visibility.
  • Listings management ensures consistent and accurate information across all sites.
  • Review Monitoring helps you keep an eye on what customers are saying.
Yext Cons
  • Difficult to use, which can be frustrating for businesses without much tech expertise.
  • Customer support is atrocious, leaving you hanging when you need help.
  • Yext's pricing structure involves annual contracts, making it expensive and potentially inflexible for some businesses.
  • They lack review campaign features, which means you'll have to find other ways to actively encourage customer reviews.
  • Shady cancellation and sales tactics make for an unpleasant experience.
If you want to dive deep into all things Yext - from costs and pros to cons, review management, and the Yext Powerlistings feature - then you gotta check out my 2023 Yext review blog!

Is it a good Podium alternative for local businesses?

In my humble opinion, NO! Yext may have some strengths, but it falls flat on its face in several crucial areas like usability, support, review generation, and affordability.
If you're into Yext's listings + review management stuff, but not really digging their customer support and price tag, you can check out this blog with the top 8 Yext alternatives.

Podium competitors that didn't make the cut

We've curated this list of the top 8 alternatives to Podium for small businesses, but this is not an exhaustive list. There are other platforms and here's why they didn't make the cut:
Oggvo, Swell: These platforms present themselves as CRM services, but they lack some basic features that are essential to a good reputation marketing system. They charge upwards of $200 per month.
Shopper Approved: This platform is only meant for eCommerce businesses.
Why care about reputation management for small business?
⚡️ Get More Customers
Pie chart showing that 93% users make buying decisions based upon a local review.
Simply put, 93% of customers read online reviews before selecting a business and 82% of customers say they read online reviews before buying something or visiting your business. 
⚡️ Increase Sales
Bar chart showing that consumers are 50% more likely to purchase after reading an online review compared to a discount offer.
If you display at least five reviews on your website or your Google/Yelp listing, 50% more customers will purchase something or book your services. Displaying your reviews simply gets you more money.
⚡️ Protect Your Reputation
Chart showing that 2 out of every 10 customers are driven away by just 1 negative review.
A single bad review can cost you up to $3000 annually. Trust me, no one picks a company with a bad reputation, so make sure you monitor your reviews 24/7 and respond to reviews as soon as possible.
⚡️ Improve your rank on Google Search
SEO is heavily reliant on reviews, especially for small businesses, because Google values your reviews and your response to reviews, and ranking high on Local Search brings in more customers and sales.
Hey, if you're into SEO and want to know more how your online reputation affects SEO, I cover that topic in-depth in my SEO reputation management blog. Take a look!
Do you really need more reasons? If not, you can skip ahead to what you're really here for, find the best Podium alternative below. 👇

Which is the best Podium alternative for a local business & marketing agency owners?

Man thinking about the best reputation management software for small business.
We looked at the list of top 8 Podium competitors. Now it's time to answer the question of "What one is the best for small businesses on our list of Podium alternatives?" I place my bet on ReviewGain. It's a complete reputation management tool, which will:
💥 Get you more 5 star reviews using SMS and Email review request campaigns.
💥 It will help you get more sales using your reviews through an awesome reputation marketing and social sharing strategy.
💥 Provide in-depth customer sentiment and feedback analysis that allows you to take actionable steps to improve your business.
💥 Monitor all review sites that are relevant to your business and protect your online reputation with instant review alerts and AI responses.
💥 Finally, it is one of the most affordable platforms available, and it is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses
If you're a small-medium agency owner, you need to forget about Yext and check out ReviewGain. We've got whitelabel plans tailored just for you, starting at an unbelievable $49/month.
Our 100% whitelabel tool is a game-changer. Customize reports, enjoy a centralized admin dashboard, and make it all your own. Your own domain, logo, and pricing. It's completely customizable, just the way you want it!
And guess what? We charge a flat fee, but as you scale up and bring in more clients, we give upto 50% discounts.
Time to start your journey? You can find out more about ReviewGain, or,
start a no-questions (also no credit card) asked free 14-day trial of ReviewGain.
That's all for now, see you next time :)

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