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You work at a local business or a marketing agency serving local businesses.
So get ready to say goodbye to Yext, 'cause we're about to find your new BFF (best feature friend).
I'm not here to diss any tools, just here to give you the lowdown on the top 8 Yext alternatives.
We'll be comparing Pros, Cons, Features, and Pricing, so grab your diving gear and let's dive in. Who knows, you might just find the perfect tool for you and live happily ever after.
In the end, I share my opinion on the best Yext alternative for small business reputation management.
We will cover the following topics:
Jump to the last section if you just want to find out which management tool is best for your small business. But before you decide, I would suggest looking at all the Yext alternatives.
5 Reasons Why Yext Isn't the Right Choice
Yext website.
Before we dive into Yext competitors, you should know why Yext isn't great for small businesses.
πŸ‘‰ The interface is confusing. You will get lost in a sea of fields and drop-downs and customer support won't be there to help you out.
πŸ‘‰ Customer support is expensive and slow to respond, as one of their reviews mentions:
β€œThe customer support is horrible after implementation. It takes almost a month for Yext to respond to questions and they do not allow you to talk to a real person unless you pay an additional 20%.” ― GetApp Review
πŸ‘‰ Not worth the money. They offer reputation management features starting with the 1000$/year plan and the majority of their business listings are irrelevant to a small business. Btw, if you're interested, I recently did a complete breakdown of 2023 Yext Pricing. See this review:
β€œFor the price, I just don't see the value, the vast majority of the search engines and directories they list are useless, especially for small businesses.” ― GetApp Review
πŸ‘‰ Annual contracts: Yext pricing is confusing, they give weekly pricing on their website but bill you annually. You need to shell out 200$ just to get started on their platform.
πŸ‘‰ The platform is glitchy: It creates duplicate listings and there are no real-time alerts for your business listing as advertised.
When considering Yext, you need to ask yourself these questions:
Do you want to work with a support team that makes you feel like a small fish in a big pond?
Would you pay to list yourself on hundreds of websites that are irrelevant for your business?
Do you want to be bound in annual contracts costing you hundreds of dollars upfront?
If your answer is No, let's look at Yext competitors which are a good fit for your business.
Btw if you're looking for an honest take on Yext, you can check out my Yext review where we explore the standout features (top 3) and the areas where it falls short (worst 5).

How will we compare Yext alternatives?

We will consider the following questions as we look at various Yext competitors:
Does it help with review generation? ⭐️
Chart showing importance of asking for reviews.
The tool should have a process for collecting more reviews on all major review sites.
It should enable you to send review requests via SMS and email review campaigns.
In short, it should help you get many positive reviews and a high rating.
Does it help you track your online reputation?
Monitoring your reviews regularly is a smart idea.
That way, you know what people are saying about you and your business.
The tool should have an alert system that notifies you when new reviews are posted.
Does it help you improve customer experience? ❀️
It's important to constantly listen to your customer feedback and keep improving.
The tool should provide customer sentiment analysis and steps on how to improve.
Does it get you more sales? πŸ’°
Chart showing imprtance of Yelp reviews.
This is simple, you want to make more money than you spend on a tool.
Customer reviews should be a key component of your online marketing strategy.
The tool should provide review marketing features to help market your reviews and make money off of them.
Does it help protect your reputation? πŸ›‘
Chart showing importance of online reviews on your customers.
A mere 4 bad reviews can lead to a 70% drop in sales.
When you respond to your reviews on time, your customers feel heard and valued.
Also, potential customers who read your responses to their reviews are more likely to trust your business.
Do they see you as a person or just another number? 🀝
Even if a tool has a sleek interface, it's important to have someone available to answer questions. That's why we also judge each tool on the quality of its customer support.
Is it worth the cost?
When we spend money on a tool, we want to get the most value for our investment. Affordable pricing is important for small-medium businesses that want to stay within their budget.
Now that you know how we will evaluate each tool, let's see what our top Yext competitors have to offer.

Yext Competitor #1 - ReviewGain

ReviewGain dashboard containing Google and Yelp reviews in one place.
This blog is published on, so it's no wonder I think that ReviewGain is one of the best Yext alternatives.
But I'll back up my love of ReviewGain with solid facts and I promise you'll agree with me by the end of this blog.
Free trial
ReviewGain offers a 14-day trial with access to all its features, with no credit card required. You just need your email address to get started.
ReviewGain's customer sentiment and feedback wordcloud feature.
ReviewGain is a robust Yext alternative built specifically for local businesses and marketing agencies serving these businesses.
Here are the features:
  • You can request reviews via SMS and Email, using your customer information to help you get great review rates.
  • Real-time review alerts help you monitor all relevant review sites, so you don't miss out when new reviews are posted.
  • ReviewGain helps you attract visitors and convert them into paying customers by generating stunning social media posts and displaying testimonials on your website automatically.
  • ReviewGain's sentiment analysis feature produces tag clouds that are easy on the eyes and far more fun than traditional text-based reports.
  • ReviewGain's artificial intelligence writes human-like responses to reviews, allowing you to respond to all of your reviews in under a minute.
ReviewGain Pricing
ReviewGain pricing plans.
ReviewGain offers a low-cost option for businesses having less than 10 locations at just 49$/month.
ReviewGain has a 79$/month plan for businesses that have more locations.
Canceling your subscription is easy with no hidden penalties.
You'll only be charged monthly, no annual contracts.
Both plans offer unlimited email review requests.
ReviewGain Strengths
  • Review campaigns are supported via SMS and email.
  • The most affordable pricing with a no-nonsense price structure.
  • Customer service is great, making it simple for new customers to get started.
  • The sentiment analyzer helps you identify what people are feeling about your business.
  • Review marketing helps you earn money by converting your reviews into sales.
  • Review tracking is simple and efficient with instant review alerts.
  • ReviewGain's smart campaigns make it possible for you to build a reputation without annoying your customers with too many review requests.
ReviewGain Weaknesses
  • No enterprise-level features, like Yext knowledge graph and knowledge tags (would you like to pay for them?).
  • ReviewGain is a great solution for small-medium businesses, but it may not work as well for mid-market or enterprise companies with more than 200 employees.
ReviewGain for Agencies
If you're an agency owner and want to offer reputation management to your clients, you can whitelabel ReviewGain. Here's what you get:
  • 100% whitelabel platform: You can choose your domain, logo, and your pricing.
  • Customizable review request page: Customize the review request with your client's logo and text.
  • Automated whitelabel reporting: Whitelabel reputation reports sent automatically to your clients.
  • 80% margin: Our prices start at just $29/month per client so you get a great margin when you resell!
  • Awesome tech support: We act as your 24/7 tech team and troubleshoot any issues your clients are facing.
If you like what you see, check out the full ReviewGain whitelabel platform & pricing.
If you're new to offering review management
Need a 5-step rep management pitch guide?

And if you're new to this and need a starter guide, you can take a look at my 5-step google reputation management blog.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Certainly YES! 
ReviewGain lets you focus on building your online reputation without annoying your customers. You get more leads through both Local Search and your website so you would never pay for features you don't need.
Plus, it offers incredible customer support to guide you through the journey.
You can quickly check out our website. If you like what you see, you can sign up for a free trial.

Yext Competitor #2 - Moz Local

Moz Local website.
Moz Local is a Yext competitor which specializes in Local SEO management. It offers features for SEO (like rank tracking, keyword research, etc) and review management.
Btw, if you're interested in a deep comparison between Moz Local and Yext, you can check out my Moz Local vs Yext vs ReviewGain blog.
Free trial
It offers a full access 30-day trial, but they ask for your credit card at signup. If you forget to cancel before the trial ends, you will be charged 179$ at the end of the trial.
Moz Local Review
Moz Local vs Yext: a debate that's been raging since the beginning of time (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit here). But Moz is a solid contender on this list of Yext competitors. Here's a brief overview of it's review management features:
  • Use a single dashboard to monitor, read, and respond to reviews on multiple sites.
  • Monitor the sentiment and frequency of keywords in reviews.
  • Instant alerts of new customer reviews.
If you're interested, I recently wrote up a pretty detailed review of Moz Local for 2023. It covers everything – the good stuff (3 pros) and the not-so-good stuff (5 cons), especially for small to medium businesses and agencies.
Moz Local Pricing
Moz local pricing plans.
The reputation + listing management PREFERRED plan is 20$/month/location.
Their ELITE plan costing 33$/month/location allows you to list your business in local directories, but this isn't very useful for most small-medium businesses.
If you're itching to dig deeper into Moz Local pricing, swing by my most recent blog post about Moz Pricing for 2023.
Moz Pros
  • It is a good listing management tool, it will help you unearth SEO issues related to your business listing.
  • It is quite affordable for small or medium-sized businesses.
  • Good review monitoring features.
Moz Cons
  • Wouldn't help you get more reviews.
  • No reputation marketing features to help you get more sales using your review.
  • Not a focused reputation tool, it is only a good research tool for listing management.
Btw, if you like what Moz Local offers but are worried about the cons, I recently wrote about the top 7 Moz alternatives for small businesses and agencies, might be worth a look!

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Yes and No. 
If you're looking for a good SEO research and listing management tool, Moz might work out for you.
If you're looking to grow your online reputation and get more sales using your reviews, you're better off looking at other Yext alternatives.
So your online reputation and SEO go hand-in-hand. If you want to know more about how they work together, I write about it in my reputation management SEO blog. Stop by anytime!

Yext Competitor #3 - website. (as the name suggests) started as a platform to manage your reviews but now offers listings, surveys, and social suite features.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial and you need your work email and phone number to sign up. Review is a true Yext competitor in the sense that it's also an all-in-one tool like Yext. Let's look at Reputation's features:
  • Track and respond to reviews on hundreds of review sites.
  • Monitor and understand review sentiment over time.
  • Automated review campaign on SMS and Email.
  • Sharing positive reviews on social media. Pricing
They don't make their pricing public.
According to unofficial sources, their packages range from 99$/year to 599$/year. Pros
  • Review campaigns and review booster features help get you more reviews.
  • Good review marketing features to publish posts on social media. Cons
  • Their pricing is hidden, you need to talk to a rep to get a custom quote.
  • The UI is confusing, the interface is riddled with too many dashboards and features.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Maybe, but...
The pricing is completely hidden, so we can't be sure if it's a good fit for small-medium businesses.
The interface is confusing and full of features that aren't relevant to most small businesses.
If you work at a local business or have local clients, I would definitely look at other Yext alternatives.

Yext Competitor #4 - Birdeye

Birdeye website.
Birdeye is an all-in-one review management and messaging software.
That is why Birdeye earns 4th place on this Yext competitors list.
Free trial
Birdye offers a trial that lasts 15 days, but to get started, you'll need to provide both your phone number and email address.
Birdeye Review
Birdeye is a solid Yext competitor offering reputation and listing management features. Here we will focus on Birdeye's reputation features:
  • Get more reviews for your business with the help of SMS and Email campaigns.
  • You can manage hundreds of business listings from a single location.
  • Centralized dashboard to monitor and reply to all your reviews.
  • Provides other features like ticketing and team chat.
Birdeye Pricing
Birdeye pricing and plans.
Birdeye doesn't have an official pricing page now, but it used to have one. The image above was taken from that old pricing page.
The Starter plan is 299$/month and includes basic listing and review management.
The Pro plan is 399$/month and includes features meant for enterprises.
Wanna know the scoop on Birdeye pricing? Check out my Birdeye Pricing 101 article. It's got the tea on all things Birdeye pricing, no sugarcoating included.
Birdeye Pros
  • You can track 100s of sites for reviews and listings.
  • You can send automated review requests on both SMS and Email.
  • A central hub where you can view and respond to customer feedback and reviews.
Birdeye Cons
  • According to customer reviews, Birdeye has poor customer support.
  • The price tag is too high, with its starter plan costing $300/month.
  • It has a lot of features, making Birdeye difficult to use and navigate.
  • You pay for a service that monitors review sites you've never heard of.
  • Corporate features are not relevant for small business.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Probably not, because:
It's simply not a tool meant for small businesses. They're too expensive and offer features that are confusing and irrelevant to small businesses.
Also, they don't have good customer support to help you understand their platform. You're better off looking at other Yext alternatives.
If you like Birdeye's features but not the price tag, I recently wrote about Birdeye alternatives, you might want to take a look.

Yext Competitor #5 - BrightLocal

BrightLocal website.
BrightLocal is a one-stop shop for citation and review management. It's a solid Yext competitor for small business reputation management.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial, and you just need your email to get started.
BrightLocal Review
BrightLocal offers features for citations and online reviews, including the ability to manage your online reputation. Here's a rundown of their review management features:
  • Monitor your online reviews and receive review alerts when new ones are posted.
  • Respond to Google and Facebook reviews from one dashboard.
  • Ability to respond to all your reviews from one place.
  • Run review campaigns on both Email and SMS.
  • Showcase reviews on your website.
BrightLocal Pricing
BrightLocal pricing and plans.
The single business plan costs $29 per month, and it only lets you create three review widgets and generate three reports on review sites you care about. Most other tools, on the other hand, offer unlimited reports and review widgets.
The multi-location plan is 49$ per month, which lets you create six reports and six review widgets per month.
BrightLocal Pros
  • Review generators on SMS & Email.
  • Monitor your reputation online with review alerts.
BrightLocal Cons
  • The interface is difficult to use and crowded with many features.
  • You cannot post testimonials and reviews automatically on social media.
  • The number of review reports and widgets is strictly limited in all of their plans.
  • You cannot quickly address your negative reviews without auto-suggested responses.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Yes, but there are a few things to consider
BrightLocal is one of the strongest Yext alternatives with its affordable pricing and comprehensive citation management features.
It is primarily aimed at marketing agencies and small-medium businesses looking to build their citations, but it lacks the features necessary for building a high-quality online reputation.
Since it's not too pricey, Brightlocal might be worth a look. If you're still confused between Brightlocal and Yext, I have also written a deep feature-by-feature analysis between Brightlocal vs Yext vs ReviewGain.

Yext Competitor #6 - Chatmeter

Chatmeter website.
Chatmeter promises to be an all-in-one tool for online visibility, review management, and customer experience strategy.
Free trial
Chatmeter doesn't offer one.
Chatmeter Review
Here's a summary of Chatmeter's reputation features:
  • Real-time sentiment analysis sentiment analysis
  • AI-powered auto-suggested responses to reviews.
  • Online review tracking on 100s of review sites.
Chatmeter Pricing
Chatmeter's pricing is not published on their website, and you need to contact their sales team for a custom quote. Some unofficial sources mention it's priced similarly to Yext.
Chatmeter Pros
  • Central dashboard to track all your listings and reviews.
  • Ai-powered customer sentiment analysis.
  • Suggested responses to reviews.
Chatmeter Cons
  • They bind you in annual contracts, which is especially hurtful for small businesses. See this review
    β€œSmall business owners need the option to discontinue services with reasonable timing if they do not meet current business needs. Inflexibility and unfairness help no one and it’s simply not good business. In today’s world of constant change, please be warned not to sign a contract with Chatmeter” ― G2 Review
  • It has no review campaign features, so can't help you in getting more reviews.
  • Being an all-in-one tool, their interface is confusing and unintuitive.
  • No trial period so you can try it out yourself.
  • Their customer support is a bit lacking.
  • Opaque pricing.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Chatmeter is not flexible enough with its plans for small businesses.
It is overpriced and the customer service is usually unresponsive.
It won't help you get reviews and build your online reputation.
Definitely not one of the great ones on this Yext alternatives list.
Look at this review:
β€œWay over priced compared to others. Don't waste your time, there are plenty of others out there with review management that are way better.” ― Google Review

Yext Competitor #7 - GradeUs

GradeUs website.
GradeUs is a reputation marketing tool that aims to help agencies provide rep management to their clients. It also offers plans for small-businesses.
Free trial
They offer a 14-day trial.
GradeUs Review
They offer a bunch of features:
  • Manage and generate customer reviews.
  • 24/7 monitoring of review profiles.
  • Reputation reporting and analytics.
  • 100% whitelabel for agencies.
GradeUs Pricing
GradeUs pricing and plans.
Solo Plan: It costs $110 per month, and you get 1 seat. Supposedly "perfect" for single location business owners.
Professional Plan: This one will set you back $60 per seat per month, totaling $180 per month with 3 seats included. It's aimed at individual marketers, consultants, or small agencies.
Agency Plan: Brace yourself, it's $40 per seat per month, and you'll need to shell out a whopping $400 per month. But hey, at least you get 10 seats included. This plan targets small to mid-sized agencies, local SEOs, multi-location businesses, and other resellers.
Partner Plan: Hold on to your wallet because this one's a doozy. It's $25 per seat per month, but here's the kicker: you'll be paying a hefty $2500 per month. However, you do get a jaw-dropping 100 seats included.
GradeUs Pros
  • Fair pricing for Agencies: One thing I appreciate about GradeUs is their pricing. It's competitive, and it doesn't feel like they're trying to squeeze every penny out of you.
  • Agency-specific options: GradeUs has some handy features that are tailor-made for agencies doing reputation marketing.
GradeUs Cons
  • Whitelabel setup fee: They charge $440/year just for the whitelabel platform in addition to the per-seat fee. It's 2023, whitelabel setup costs $0, why are they charging for it?
  • Learning curve: Now, I won't sugarcoat it, there might be a bit of a learning curve when you start using GradeUs. Some aspects might take some time and research to fully wrap your head around.
  • Poor support response time: Here's the thing, GradeUs has taken some heat for their support response time. Some users have had to twiddle their thumbs for what feels like forever before getting assistance.
  • Overpriced for small-businesses: The small-business single location plan costs $110/month, this is way too expensive.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

It can be!
If you're agency looking to offer reputation management to your clients, GradeUs is worth a look.
The only problems I see are their whitelabel setup fee and poor customer support.
If you're a small-medium agency, you might be better off with ReviewGain. They charge $0 for whitelabel setup and their small-business plan starts at just $49/month.

Yext Competitor #8 - Podium

Podium website.
Podium is an all-in-one Yext competitor that helps you attract more customers with text marketing and review management. It also provides features to communicate with your customers via SMS.
Free trial
Podium offers a 14-day trial, no strings attached.
Podium Review
Let's look at Podium's features:
  • It will help you get more reviews using SMS and email review requests.
  • A central dashboard to track and respond to all your reviews.
  • Identifies trends in your customers' reviews.
  • A single inbox for text and social media.
Podium Pricing
Podium pricing and plans.
The Essentials plan is $289 per month, and the Standard plan costs $449 per month.
The Professional plan may not be worth the cost for most small-medium businesses.
If you want to know more about Podium plans, my recent Podium pricing blog post is like an open book - and it's a page-turner.
Podium Pros
  • The all-in-one Podium inbox lets you respond to all customers in one place.
  • Central dashboard for tracking and replying to your customers' reviews.
  • SMS and Email review campaigns.
Podium Cons
  • They don't offer personal onboarding if you aren't on their $450/month plan.
  • No review marketing features to help you get more sales using your reviews.
  • It's too expensive for small businesses; the most basic Podium plan costs $289/month.
  • No customer sentiment analysis features that help you understand customer feedback.
If you wanna know the real deal about Podium, my Podium Review breaks down the 3 best features and the 5 things that'll make you cringe.

Is it a good Yext alternative for local businesses?

Definitely NO!
It's too pricey, combined with a lack of customer support makes it a bad tool for most small-medium businesses.
If you want to dive into Podium-like tools that help with SMS marketing, you can check out our Podium alternatives blog.
Platforms that didn't make it to the top 8 list
Here are some platforms which didn't make it to the top 8 list but are worth a mention:
Listen360: This is essentially a survey/feedback tool. It will help you get feedback from customers but it's not a complete review management software.
Shopper Approved: Shopper Approved is designed for eCommerce businesses.

Best Yext Alternative for Local Businesses & Marketing Agencies

Man thinking about the best reputation management software for small business.
It's time to see which one of the top 8 Yext competitors is best for small-medium businesses.
Every business is different, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question,
but ReviewGain is a cost-effective tool designed for small business reputation management.

I think ReviewGain will be a good fit for your small business, here's why:
πŸ’₯ Want to get more 5-star reviews? Send personalized email & SMS review requests to get 10-15 new 5-star reviews each month.
πŸ’₯ Want to monitor your online reviews? Get review alerts for all reviews posted on linked review sites.
πŸ’₯ Want to understand your customer's opinions? ReviewGain's hardworking AI analyzes all your reviews and creates a word cloud that shows you how your customers feel about you.
πŸ’₯ Want to make more money using your reviews? Use the reputation marketing features to share your reviews on social media and your website, reaching more potential customers and encouraging them to buy.
πŸ’₯ Want to protect your reputation? Auto-suggested human-like responses will help you reply to all your reviews within 5 minutes.
πŸ’₯ Want an affordable tool and timely guidance? ReviewGain costs just 49$/month and you get a team that cares about you. (You get answers to all your issues within an hour)
For agency folks: We offer a 100% whitelabel platform so you can offer reputation management to your clients under your domain, your logo, and pricing starting at just $29/month. If you want to know more, you can checkout our whitelabel features.
Ready for your review management journey or time for a change from Yext? You can find out more about ReviewGain, or, just start your 14-day free trial of ReviewGain.
We won't need your credit card, just sign up with your email and get started in 30 seconds :)
About the Author
Hugh Kumar, Co-founder of ReviewGain.
Hugh Kumar

Hi! I'm the co-founder of ReviewGain, I like helping small businesses get an awesome online reputation!
Before starting ReviewGain, I used to write a SaaS newsletter, that's where the writing bug bit me ✍️
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